Glenanda Primary School recommends using Chromebooks. Chromebooks were designed with education in mind. They are simple to use, share and are secure. And they work extremely well with Google Apps.

Chromebooks run on Google Chrome OS, and will always update, no matter how old the device is.

Why do we love them?

  • simple to deploy (school owned and BYOD)

  • controlled Play Store (no more games)

  • amazing CDM (Chrome Device Management) - it cannot be removed by factory reset

  • able to disable lost and stolen devices - rendering them unusable

  • full size keyboard

  • reliable - hardware and software

Latest recommended Chromebooks

Acer Chromebook 311 (C733) - Non-touchscreen

Our entry-level device is the Acer Chromebook 311 (C733). This robust, non-touch model includes military-spec toughness and a 12-hour battery life.


Acer Chromebook 512 - Touchscreen

Our mid-level device is now the Acer Chromebook Spin 512 (R852T). This multi-touch device still enjoys the 360 convertible display, but with a 12” 3:2 screen. The major change compared to the Spin 311 is the military-spec chassis, world-facing camera, and slightly longer battery life. This device does not include stylus support.

Spin 512_R852T (Cambridge)_ps_v7.pdf

Acer Chromebook 511 - Touchscreen with stylus

Our high-end device remains the Acer Chromebook Spin 511 (R752TN). This model once again enjoys the stronger, more hygienic glass screen and stylus support. The stylus for the Spin 511 is now stored or docked on the device itself, making it more difficult for learners to misplace.



The use of Chromebooks was introduced in 2018 for the Grade 4 learners. Learners/Parents can only choose between hard copy textbooks or Chromebooks. Android and Windows devices are not supported. To purchase a Chromebook, please follow the link to the ChromeStore, register, and make your purchase. Numerous payment options are available. Chromebooks will be delivered to the School.