Glenanda Apps

Google Apps for Education

Glenanda is very proud to be registered as a Google School. Each learner has been issued with a Google account, ending with

This account will give access to a variety of Google apps, under a controlled and secure environment, including Google Mail, Google Drive, Google Classroom and so much more.

If you require any assistance with the Google account, please contact our IT Support team at

Purple Mash - Grade 1-7


Username: name.surnamePassword: student number

Purple Mash is a school wide, subject wide tool used for education enrichment. Learners can work on their own, as well as complete work assigned by the teachers. Purple Mash is web based and requires an Internet Browser. Purple Mash only works on larger devices (Tablet, Chromebook and Computer).

Click here for the site (Needs internet connection)

2Simple Website

CAMI Mathematics - Grade 1-7


Username: student numberPassword: student number

CAMI Mathematics is used school wide for Mathematics practice. The content is controlled by CAMI, and new activities are loaded weekly.

CAMI website (Needs internet connection)

ClassDojo - Grade 1-7

We use ClassDojo to monitor behaviour of classes, as well as assign homework. The App can be used by parents to see the child's behaviour points, as well as homework assigned by teachers. The child's account will allow them to customise their "monster" avatar, as well as keep track of their behaviour points and homework.

Play Store App

Class codes we're issued by the class teachers. For class codes, please contact

For any assistance with the above apps, contact our IT Support team at