Chromebook FAQ

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a device running Chrome OS and was intended for educational purposes. They are designed to be simple to use, have a long battery life, and is secure for children of all ages. They are also easy and cost-effective to be managed by the school.

Can we purchase any Chromebook other than the options on the store?

Yes, you are welcome to purchase a Chromebook from elsewhere, but be aware of the following:

Can we use a laptop or tablet?

We, unfortunately, will not be able to support laptops and tablets. The main reason is that we cannot manage or monitor them from our system, thus the learner is not protected while using the device. We have had learners load games and movies on these devices, and play them in class. They have also been caught sending inappropriate content to each other in class via Bluetooth. All these features are automatically disabled on Chromebooks when loading the CEU.

Is the Chromebook compulsory? 

The Chromebook is not compulsory. If the learner does not have a Chromebook, he/she will be provided with hard-copy textbooks. The learner will not be disadvantaged in any way, and still have access to computer literacy in the school's Computer Class.

Will the learner be missing out if he/she does not have a Chromebook?

No, all learning will still take place in workbooks. The Chromebook will not be used for submitting schoolwork.  Learners will still have access to computer literacy in the school's Computer Class.

What is the benefit of having a Chromebook? 

Other than having a lighter bag due to the textbooks being on the device, the learner will also be able to take notes and highlight in the digital ebook. The learner will be exposed to technical skills that are important in today’s society. They will have internet access for research and homework assistance. Although learners can use any device at home, having their own personal device can give them a sense of pride and responsibility. 

How does the payment work? Is there any payment options available? 

Payment is done on the ChromeStore website. The ChromeStore is managed by CloudEd Solutions, a South African company who distributes Chromebooks to schools. They buy the devices in large quantities from the manufacturers and are thus able to get better prices. They do have payment options available via Payfast and Mobicred. For more information, please feel free to contact them via email, their address is at the bottom of the store website. Although Glenanda Primary is excluded from the financial part of the purchase, we did ensure that the best possible price has been made available.

What happens when the Chromebook is stolen? 

In the unfortunate event that the Chromebook is stolen, it is the responsibility of the learner to bring the Serial Number (at the bottom of the device, and on various stickers on the box) of the device to the IT Department of Glenanda Primary in the Media Centre. We can then remotely disable the device and make it unusable by any person, the device essentially becomes a “paperweight”. It is up to the parent to take out personal insurance for the device as it is personal property. 

The device has been damaged, how do we get it fixed? 

If the device is an ACER Chromebook, it can be sent directly to ACER for repairs. If it is a factory fault, and still under warranty (3-year standard, can be extended) the repair will be free. Any damage due to negligence or dropping of the device is not covered by the warranty, and a quote will be sent for repair costs. All costs are the responsibility of the parent. ACER can be contacted at 0871513400 to book repairs. 

Who is the owner of the device? 

The Chromebook is, and always will be the property of the learner and parent. The device will leave with the child when they leave school. However, the school email account is the property of Glenanda Primary School. This means that, when the learner leaves the school at either the end of Grade 7 or to go to a different school, the device will be removed from our system, as well as the email address and software with Ebooks, as well as the CEU, which is connected to the School's domain and cannot be reused. The school reserves the right to disable or block any features or content as long as the learner is logged in with the Glenanda email account. 

When do we need to purchase the device? 

The device can be purchased at any time, but stocks are limited as many schools are purchasing for next year. To ensure that the device is delivered by the beginning of next year, please make use of the purchase windows as tabled on the store website.