Gr 5 English

I would like to welcome everyone to the grade 5 English webpage. An exciting opportunity and a time for something new.

Hey, kiddos

You are going to make it.

I believe in you!

Mrs N.Henning

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

Oprah Winfrey

Please feel free to contact me via email if you need any assistance!


All work to be completed neatly on a piece of exam paper. Each activity must have a date and a heading. A separate folder will be created for the lockdown period. You won't be expected to rewrite all your work.

Click on each picture to access your English worksheets or classroom video.

Each week new activities will be added.

Worksheets do not need to be printed.

Activities to be completed week 22 June - 26 June

1. Online videos - covid 19 and prepositions

2. Reading and viewing - Pastry maker

3. Language - Important spelling rules

4. Google classroom - complete all activities

5. DBE green section - completed by 26th June.

6. Writing Instructions

7. Read along - Sleeping Beauty

Activities to be completed week 29 June -3 July

1. Online video- adverbs

2. Writing and presenting - Elements of a story

3. Google classroom - complete all activities

4. DBE purple section - pages 104-107

5. Read along - Peter Pan

6. Language - 29 June

Activities to be completed week 6th July -10 July

1. Read along - The little mermaid

2. DBE purple section - pages 108-115

3. Language- Important spelling rules 2

4. Language - Dictionary work

5. Google classroom - outstanding activities

Activities to be completed week 13th -17th July

1. Read along- Mr Brown can Moo! Can you? Dr Seuss

2. DBE purple section - pages 116-121

3. Language - Important spelling rules 3

4. Google classroom - CATCH UP!

Please see link - Grade 5 Video Lessons or click on topic.

Term 2

Week 18 June 2020What is a sentence?

Week 222 June 2020Prepositions

Week 215 June 2020Stone Soup

Week 329 June 2020Adverbs

Week 215 June 2020Instructions

Week 222 June 2020Covid 19

Memos for activities will be available at the end of each week.😊

Please don't fall behind in your work!


Purple section: Pages 104-142

Click on the workbook to access your work. Scroll down to find the page you need to work on.

Reading is the KEY to learning.


Read along

The Lorax

The Incredibles

Sleeping Beauty



Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Peter Pan

The little mermaid

Click on the google classroom code to access your activities or follow these steps: 1. Go to 2. On the classes page click the plus (+) button which is found on top right of the screen.3. Click join class4. Enter the google classroom code and click join. *Remember you have to be signed in with your student email account.

Please use the following code to join online classroom


Please use the links below to assist with revision.