Gr 5 Music

Here is a pack of revision and new music concepts for you to learn during this time. Please do them at your own pace and not all at once. Remember to take breaks and exercise once you have done some hard work!

Keep safe. Miss you all very much!


This video from youtube will help you understand what the Treble Clef is in music and how to read notes on the Treble Clef.

The Treble Clef, Stave and Pitch.mp4

When youre done... Time for those bodies to get moving... here is a Just Dance for you to enjoy! :)

Waka Waka Just Dance.mp4


Grade 5 Music Naming Notes on the treble clef.mp4

Music Lesson 1

Naming notes on the treble clef

Grade 5 - C Major and key signatures.mp4

Music Lesson 2

C Major and Key Signature