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Hi there my Geographic Kids! Remember to work consistently during the lockdown. Worksheets and Powerpoint activities can be done on the document itself or answers can be neatly written down on a piece of paper. Remember to give your work headings. If you need any assistance you are most welcome to email me at

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Term 1

Geography- Map Skills

Revision Worksheets

224_homework_5e864e9e8f496291734334 (1).docx
Grade 6 Geography Revision MEMO.docx

Time to buckle up,

Lets get started with TERM 2


Why people trade.mp4

15 June 2020

6_Geography_Term 2_Unit 2__What people trade_SKoopman.mp4

22 June 2020

6_Geography_Term 2_Unit 3___Resources and their values_SKoopman.mp4

29 June 2020


6_History_Term 2_Unit 1__Reasons for European exploration_SKoopman.mp4

22 June 2020