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Afrikaans Grade 7 is managed by Mr. P. Human and Mrs. A. KLoppers

Lesson Plan : Week 1 and 2

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Message from your Afrikaans teacher

Dear Grade 7 learners

No one expected our 2020 grade 7 year to be panning out this way, but I know you are all capable of getting through this. I want you all to remember… tough situations don’t last, tough people do. And I know that we will all come out of this stronger than ever. The strongest muscle in your body is your mind, use all the resources Glenanda is giving you at this time, to train it well. Tell yourself I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship. You are all in my daily thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully see you soon.

Lots of love

Mrs. A. Kloppers

Aktiwiteit 1: Werkwoorde

19 May 2020

Look at the worksheet below. Underline the verb (werkwoord) in each sentence.

Werkwoorde pdf.pdf

Aktiwiteit 2:

20 May 2020

Look at the worksheet below. The general rule for Verlede Tyd is to add “het” and “ge”

Add "het" after the person or the object doing the action. Move the verb to the end of the sentence AND add "ge" to the front of the verb.

eg: Die man skop die bal.

Die man het die bal geskop.

Apply this rule to number 1 on the worksheet.

Number 2 on the worksheet are exceptions to the rule. The verb does not move, it changes.

eg. Ek moet die kar was.

Ek moes die kar was.

Verlede Tyd.pdf