Gr 7 Creative Arts

Create and enjoy as much as you can. Keep a record of all your work - classwork book or a file. Regularly come back to find new activities. We'd love to see what your up to. So don't be shy to share:

Visual Art

Art Elements were the first topic we focussed on. Look at the video on the right to refresh your mind a bit.

In class we learnt about only six. You will notice in the video presentation that seven Art Elements are discussed:

- Space

- Line

- Shape

- 'Form'

- Texture

- Tone

- Colour

Note that Form is an extension of Shape in terms of Forms being 3D and Shape being 2D.

Art Elements.mp4

Elements of Art

Art Element Activity.mp4

So here's an Art Element activity for you. Use a sheet of paper/your book, a ruler, grey lead pencil and colours (pencils, pens, fine liners, etc). The video to the left will give you a better idea of the end result.


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Concept of a Still-life

with some artists and examples

Still-life discuss and example.pdf

Miss Burger's Music Corner

Hey Grade 7's here's a revision and learning pack, to keep you busy during this time. Please dont go through it all at once, take your time.

Keep safe. Dont stop working hard. Do a "Just dance" or two to get your bodies moving. :)

Grd-7-Music 2020.pdf

You deserve a break now and then... Heres a quick Just Dance to get your bodies moving!

If only we could call the Ghost Busters to help us fight Covid-19, and it was that easy...


Click on the music icon above to view an online music lesson with me :)