Grade 4

Afrikaans First Additional Language

4_AfrFAL_k2w1&2_Luister&Praat_Die Koronavirus_TThebehali.mp4

Termyn 2 Week 1 en 2

Luister en Praat

Die Koronavirus


Termyn 2 Week 1 en 2

Taalstruktuur en konvensies


Termyn 2 W 1&2 Taal snw vnw stompi

Taalstrukture_9 Julie.mp4

Termyn 2 W 3&4

Taal: bywoorde, trappe v vergelykings, voegwoorde

English Home Language

4_English_Term2_Week1_Parts of speech_J Kalyan.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Parts of speech

4_English_Term2_Week2_Degrees of comparison_J Kalyan.mp4

Term 2 Week 2

Degrees of comparison

4_English_Term2_Week3_Verb Tenses_JKalyan Week ending 12 June (1).mp4

Term 2 Week 3


4_English_Term2_Week3_Underwater Adventure_JKalyan Week ending 12 June.mp4

Term 2 Week 3

Underwater adventure

Grade4_Term 2_Week 4_Direct and indirect speech_JKalyan_Week ending 19 June.mp4

Term 2 Week 4

Direct and indirect speech


Term 2 Week 5


4_English_Term2_Week6_Subject and Object_JKalyan.mp4

Term 2 Week 6

Subject and Object


Term 2 Week 6


4_English_Term2_Week7_Writing instructions_JKalyan.mp4

Term 2 Week 7


4_Term2_Week8_English_Cloth face masks comprehension_JKalyan_Week ending 17 July.mp4

Term 2 Week 8

Cloth face masks

Life Skills

4_Life Skills_Term2_Week1_Emotions Showing how we feel_PBurke (2).mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Showing how we feel

4_Life Skills_Term2_Week 1_How emotions affect others_Jkalyan.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

How emotions affect others

4_Life Skills_Term 2_Week 2_Emotions you feel_JPretorius.mp4

Term 2 Week 2

Emotions you feel

G4_Life skills_Term2_Week2_Miss Sibande.mp4

Term 2 Week 2

Working in a group

Life Skills_Bullying_14 July.mp4

Term 2 Week 3

Bullying 1

4_Life Skills PSW_Chapter 9_Reading-Bullying_PBurke.mp4

Term 2 Week 3

Bullying 2

4_Term 2_Week4_Life Skills_Children's rights and responsibilities_JKalyan.mp4

Term 2 Week 4

Rights and responsibilities


4_Mathematics_Term2_Week1_Whole Numbers_P.Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Whole numbers

4_Mathematics_Term2_Week1_Rounding Off_P.Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Rounding off

4_Mathematics_Term2_Week1_Addition and Subtraction Properties_P.Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Addition and Subtraction


4_Mathematics_Term2_Week1_Addition and Subtraction Breaking down method and Estimating_P.Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Addition and Subtraction

Breaking down method and Estimating

4_Mathematics_Term2_Week1_Addition and Subtraction Column method and Inverse Operations_P.Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Addition and Subtraction

Column method and Inverse

4_Mathematics_Term 2_Week 1_Solving Problems_P Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Addition and Subtraction

Solving Problems

4_Mathematics_Term2_Week2_Multiplication Properties_P.Burke.mp4

Term 2 Week 2



Natural Sciences and Technology

4_NS&T_Term2_Topic 6,_Unit 1_Solids, liquids and gases_JPretorius.mp4

Term 2 Topic 6 Unit 1

Solids, liquids and gases

4_Term2_Topic 6_Unit 2_Change of state of matter_J Pretorius.mp4

Term 2 Topic 6 Unit 2

Change of state of matter

The Water Cycle.mp4

Term 2 Topic 6 Unit 3

The Water Cycle

Social Sciences

GEO_T2_W1_Side views and Plan views (1).mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Side and Plan views

4_Social Sciences_History_T2_W1_Good Leaders_Miss.Sibande.mp4

Term 2 Week 1

Good Leaders

G4_Social Sciences_Geography_T2_W2_Symbols and Keys.mp4

Term 2 Week 2

Symbols and Keys

3_G4_History_T2_W2_Life stories of two good leaders_Miss Sibande.mp4

Term 2 Week 2

Two Good Leaders

4_G4_T2_W3_Two good leaders_MissSibande.mp4

Term 2 Week 3

Two Good Leaders