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At Glenanda Primary we feel the education of our learners should always be possible, no matter where they are. We now have an online school where our teachers will post work that our learners can do at home.

Please contact our teachers via email if you have any questions. Emails of the teachers are posted in the subject areas of the online school.

We have taken every step to ensure that all the resources can be accessed on any device.

Online Tools and Apps

Below are a few apps and websites that we recommend using for online learning.

These tools are paid for by the school and login details have been created for the learners.

If you experience any problems with these tools, please send an email to

Google Mail for Grade 1, 2 & 3

For any technical assistance with the online school or above Apps, please send an email to

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The use of Chromebooks was introduced in 2018 for the Grade 4 learners. Learners/Parents can only choose between hard copy test books or Chromebooks. Android and Windows devices are not supported. To purchase a Chromebook, please follow the link to the ChromeStore, register, and make your purchase. Numerous payment options are available. Chromebooks will be delivered to the School.

Purchase your Chromebook here.


Unfortunately the Chrome Store is closed at the moment, due to the COVID 19 outbreak we are unable to receive stock of devices. We will let you know when the shop is available.