Glenanda Primary School recommends using Chromebooks. Chromebooks were designed with education in mind. They are simple to use, share and are secure. And they work extremely well with Google Apps. 

Chromebooks run on Google Chrome OS and are managed by the IT department at Glenanda Primary, ensuring every step is taken for the safety of our learners.

ACER Chromebook information pamphlets

01 Acer 511 C736.pdf
02 Acer Spin 511 non stylus R765t.pdf
03 Acer Spin 512 with USI Stylus R856T(N).pdf


The use of Chromebooks was introduced in 2018 for Grade 4-7 learners. Learners and parents can choose only between hard-copy textbooks or Chromebooks. Android, Windows, and Apple devices are not supported or allowed at school.

We have partnered with CloudEDU, who ensure that we obtain the best prices for Educational Chromebooks. You can read more about them here.

To purchase a Chromebook, please follow the link to the ChromeStore, register, and complete your purchase. Numerous payment options are available. Chromebooks will be delivered to the school and handed over to the learners.